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Musician shares how Acadia Parish helped shape his career

Posted at 3:57 PM, May 09, 2019

Acadia Parish is home to a lot of things and good music is one of them.

KATC’s Katie Lopez sat down with one Acadia Parish musician who says growing up in Acadia Parish has helped to make him who he is today.

Colby Latiolais has spent his entire life on the stage. His dad, Robby, started Colby’s love of Cajun music at a young age.  Always singing in the house and taking Colby on gigs.

“I can remember them practicing when I was young before I was in school, sitting on the edge of the couch watching them practice in that old practice room that they head. As a young kid listening to all of their music, I guess it’s embedded in you–it’s in your soul,” Latiolais said.

Over the years, Colby fell in and out of love with music.  Ultimately becoming an EMT.  It was a chance meeting with another local musician, Jamie Bergeron, that cemented his future.

“My dad ended up buying my first accordion from him. A year later he was my first partner with Acadian Ambulance for four years. Being able to connect with him on so many levels with Acadian Ambulance and music, it was great times and a great experience,” Latiolais explained.

Colby knew the music world is where he belonged.

Now, at 36, Colby plays on a regular basis and says he would give this advice to his younger self.

“Watching my dad and his brother enjoy themselves for so long doing it together. Now, he and I get to share that same thing I would probably push myself a little harder to enjoy these times a little more,” Latiolais said.

While he credits his love of music to his dad, he says he can’t forget his small town and those living in it for helping foster that passion.

“South Louisiana, I feel like all of south Louisiana is a small town like Iota. The culture is so embedded in us. Everyone knows a musician, everyone knows someone that is in a band…we’re just riddled with talent down here,” Latiolais said.

As Colby gears up for another gig, he says he’ll forever be thankful for the support of his family and the community here grew up in, hoping to always make Acadia Parish proud.