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Acadiana canines find a new purpose as therapy dogs

Posted at 8:43 AM, Apr 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-26 10:21:23-04

A few local canines are making a difference in Acadiana. Once abandoned, they’ve now found their new purpose, helping others navigate through life one visit at a time.

Discarded and with no place to call home, Solomon’s life didn’t have a good start.

But then one day, Deborah Clothier came along, scooped him up and gave him something more to live for. To start a new life as a therapy dog.

According to Deborah, it wasn’t an easy process. Solomon had to undergo many rigorous tests including having his tail pulled on, hugged tightly, poked, and prodded.

“Mostly, they have to enjoy it,” says Deborah. “We wouldn’t want to make them do something they didn’t want to do.”

Being the trooper that he is, Solomon pushed through and is now a certified therapy dog. He’s also made a huge impact on the lives of those he meets.

“I’ve seen things that are hard to describe. I remember this little deaf girl when I first started who didn’t have a voice and never spoke. The other children told me that she couldn’t read the book and wouldn’t do it,” says Deborah. “She tried. She tried in her little voice and we all left in tears that day. That’s pretty amazing.”

Solomon takes pride in his new career, mainly just lying down to let little hands stroke his fur and give him hugs.

The therapy is good for these kids at Education Destination who are all living with some form of autism.

“When I see them respond it’s a miracle,” says Deborah. “It’s amazing.”

As his day winds down, Solomon slowly gets up and makes his way out the door thinking to the next work day and what adventure it may hold.

Solomon joined us on GMA in February for a segment of Pet Paws where we learned about his work in the Acadiana Animal Aid “I Read to Animals” program.

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