Henderson mayor shares what he loves most about St. Martin Parish

Posted at 8:49 AM, May 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-07 17:47:36-04

For decades Henderson Mayor Sherbin Collette has enjoyed all that St. Martin has to offer. The mayor says that he’s spent the majority of his life on the water here.

And while he’s always loved everything St. Martin Parish has provided, there’s one thing that tops all the rest. 

"It’s something I wouldn’t change for nothing in the world," says Collette.  "It was the best part of my life and still is."  

Sherbin, of course, is talking about his wife. The two met when they were in the tenth grade. Sherbin says it was at a dance hall where he first laid eyes on her.

"She was sitting on a stool all alone," says Collette. "When I walked in I just knew that I had to meet her. I’m going to do anything, I have to meet her." 

Since then they’ve shared a love for the outdoors, spending every waking moment together out on the basin. 

"When I’m baiting my traps she knows the amount of bait that I need in that trap," says Collette. "If there’s a trap that catches a lot, she knows I’ll need a bigger bait. I don’t have to tell her anything. She is unbelievable." Collette says from that day on they’ve stayed together 24 hours a day.

Even as the years pass, Sherbin assures that some things will never change. The love he has for his wife and the place that brought them together, that will never die.