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GMA Dave Trips: Scott

Where The West Begins
Posted at 4:30 AM, Apr 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-14 05:30:10-04

The city of Scott, like many towns starting in the late 1800s has the railroad to thank.

"Dominic Cayret, and the street behind us is Cayret Street. The property was owned by him. He knew the superintendent of the railroad at the time. His name was J.B. Scott.", says Mayor Jan-Scott Richard.

Jan-Scott Richard-Mayor of Scott

Richard continues, "He said, if you give me some property, we're going to build a depot and have a stop. So they worked out an agreement, and Cayret negotiated with Scott on the property to put the depot. Cayret also promised he'd name the community after him. So that's how the community became known as the city of Scott."

But what about the slogan, "Where the West Begins"? Richard says, "This is where the west begins, so this is the western origin of the depot, or the rail going westward." Which meant that folks traveling to the Wild West, had to start their journey in Scott!

Railway Helps the City of Scott Thrive

The railroad still runs through the community, but Scott has seen big growth over the past few years. Embracing Interstate 10, and exit 97 now becoming Lafayette Parish's first exit coming from the west. The Apollo Road project will add even more connectivity to Scott.

Apollo Road in Scott

Richard says, "What the Apollo is going to do for us is remarkable. I think what it's going to do for Lafayette Parish is remarkable. Residentially, we've seen a large increase in permits and development."

April is the time the world is invited to Scott, since it's known as the Boudin Capital of the World, a name they had to fight for. Richard exclaims, "Yeah, I think Jennings wanted to be the boudin capital of the universe, and then Broussard of course had a boudin festival." Richard continues, "I think the designation as the Boudin Capital of the World has really brought in more traffic."

One of many Boudin stops in Scott

The Boudin Festival is now in its 10th year. Richard says, "We love the fact that it's self contained. We love that it's on the municipal grounds, everything is in walking distance, and it really creates that family atmosphere."

Their slogan also says, "Where Hospitality Never Ends". Which Richard says it means, "Our people. It's our people that make this community so special. That's what makes Scott the place where the west begins and hospitality never ends. They're vested just as much as I am, so we lean on that and want to grow on that. Our community will grow as long as the people here continue to do what they do."

Boudin Festival Happening in April

And the mayor's message to everyone coming to Scott? Richard proudly says, "Eat more boudin!"