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GMA Dave Trips: Lafayette's Public Art Trail

Enjoy Art for Free!
Posted at 4:00 AM, Jan 14, 2022

Winter can be the best time to be outside in Louisiana. When we think of getting out on the trails, we normally think of heading to the woods. But in downtown Lafayette, the urban landscape becomes a trail of art!

Metal Work by Pat Juneau

If you start near Parc Sans Souci, you'll see art everywhere. Pat Juneau's metal work graces the outside of the Sans Souci Gallery, but don't forget to look up too. Of course while you're there, add yourself to the art near the Lafayette Sign. The them of the giant letters changes monthly.

Lafayette Sign in Parc Sans Souci

Across from the park is the firefighter statue, created by two former firefighters, it has guarded the Lafayette Fire Station now for over 50 years.

Lafayette Firefighter Statue

In the back of the park, beams salvaged from the World Trade Center in New York, commemorating the 9/11 attack on America. Heading around the corner, you can see several murals by Chris Pavlik on the walls outside of the Lafayette Science Museum, called "Fields of Study".

Fields Of Study-Chris Pavlik

One of many murals created or collaborated with Robert Dafford is on the back of the Children's Museum of Acadiana. Keep walking and you'll see two more Dafford Murals, one on the wall at Dwyers Cafe, and another across the street called "Escape From The Postcards" representing the Atchafalaya Basin and our fragile environment that needs to be preserved.

Dwyer's Cafe Mural-Robert Dafford

Another Dafford, called Horizon is a little more hidden, on Vermilion Street. This one only taking Dafford two weeks to complete! Another mural, in part by Robert Dafford and other artists, is called "Ex Garage". It's probably one of the most known murals in downtown Lafayette. It's on the side of Jefferson Tower. Many probably don't know, this building used to be a parking garage.

"Ex Garage"

At one end of Jefferson is the newly designed Downtown Gateway near Cypress Avenue. Designed by Geoff Dyer, this truly let's folks now their geographic location.

Downtown Lafayette

And smaller, art displays are a bit harder to find. Look up on the poles along Jefferson in front of Dwyer's, the Science Museum, and in front of the Acadiana Center for the Arts.

One of the oldest and most hidden murals is inside the downtown parking garage on Vermilion. It's considered one of downtown's first completed murals. Tanya Falgout is behind this project. It's said that the vision for this mural came from photos taken at the top of the garage when it was built.

Downtown Reawakening-Tanya Falgout

And that's not all! You can find more information about the downtown public art trail from both the Lafayette Travel website as well as Downtown Lafayette Unlimited.