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Dave Trips: Downtown Abbeville

Open for Business!
Posted at 6:00 AM, Jul 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-24 07:00:03-04

In the heart of Vermilion Parish is the charming town of Abbeville, full of history and beauty. Getting to Abbeville is a breeze, and once you're there, you can take it easy.

The seat of Vermilion Parish is home to just over 12,000 people and according to the Vermilion Parish Tourism Director, Alison Miller,"It's the most Cajun Place on Earth because we had the highest concentration of people claiming Cajun ancestry in the 2000 census!"

Miller says it's roots go back to France. "We consider the courthouse a square and that was actually laid out similar to the layout of Pierre Magret's hometown of Abbeville, France. So we have the Church Square, the Town Square and Courthouse Square. Our downtown is very walkable, you can go inside the church which is very beautiful."

St. Mary Magdalen Church goes back nearly 150 years. "It's the 3rd church that's been on the site. But it was one of the original churches in Vermilion parish. St. Mary Madgalen has been here for a while.", says Miller.

Abbeville is open for business. She says, "Most of our stores, we have a couple of little gift shops and boutiques. We have great restaurants!"

You can do carryout and visit the crown jewel, Magdalen Square! "You can have a picnic here in beautiful Magdalen Square with the fountain or the gazebo."

After, head down to road past the historic buildings toward Courthouse Square. "It's a beautiful plantation style courthouse designed by A. Hays Town." And they're ready to help when you visit, Miller says, "Our tourism bureau, which is also our cultural center is also open. You can come and learn about our history, get a great meal and pick up a few little items. We're just very friendly, it's a quaint little town, and a lot of friendly people."

Head to Abbeville, The Most Cajun Place on Earth!