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Dave Trips: Cajun Winter Wonderland

Look for the Beauty in the Winter Storm
Posted at 4:00 AM, Feb 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-19 05:00:11-05

The winter blast has been devastating across so many states, including Louisiana. And it hasn't been very pleasant for millions of Americans. But there's a beautiful side to this weather event.

From crashes, to power outages, to water issues, this storm has packed quite the wollop. But at the same time, so many of you sent pictures and videos, trying to make the best of the winter weather. Especially the type we don't normally see here in Acadiana.


As the freezing rain came down and coated the trees, at first glance, you see the weight of the ice. But as the sun comes out, you really see the beauty of the winter weather. As the ground was covered with snow and sleet, it transformed Acadiana into a winter wonderland, so different from what we would normally see. Even familiar sites appeared to be a world away.


And although the snow wasn't deep, and it was mainly sleet, kids enjoyed a good sled ride down a man made hill. We love the Cajun ingenuity that you sent in those videos. Using plywood for skis, and the chance to belly flop on Johnston Street, a place usually packed with traffic.


Even when things were starting to melt under the sunshine, the icicles that formed on houses and fences, looked like clear glass, seeming to absorb the sunlight. And cars, since they weren't on the roads, they sat in the freezing rain became sealed shut. But the patterns of the ice was like artwork that we rarely get to see.


And with schools and businesses closed, and everybody staying home. It was a great chance to get close to family. Even though families have been stuck together from almost a year, this seemed different. Adults becoming kids again, wanting to play, and constantly heading to the window, waiting in anticipation that the freezing rain and sleet would eventually become snow.


Stay warm and stay safe this weekend. And remember, we're in South Louisiana. It'll be spring next week!