Crane Falls between two houses

Posted at 11:50 AM, Feb 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-18 12:50:57-05

IN LAFAYETTE — A crane truck is flipped upside after attempting to cut a high tree down from a newly moved in house.

The operator suffered no injuries and no one was inside the house when the incident occurred. Neighbors who were home at the time describe the loud sound that left them shocked.

"We heard boom we look up me and him and we saw two trees falling out of the sky, I thought it was something out of a movie," Neighbors of Goldman Street where the incident occurred, tell KATC. "We see the powerline spark up so we started running, we ran to the front yard and we see the crane flipped over".

The property where the tree was sitting, was recently moved in. The homeowner, Miss Mouton had only been living there for two weeks.

We spoke to her son, Orlando Mouton and he speaks about what went wrong.

"Instead of chopping down the tree in small pieces, they tried to chop half and then move a full load which caused it to rock and then the
weight of the tree pulled it back to flip the truck over".

The family's four dogs, which were staying in the outhouse at the time in the backyard, were also uninjured. Orlando tells how his mother is
handling this situation.

"She is doing alright right now but I know she's shaken and shocked," Orlando said. "She wasn't here so the neighbors called her and told her what was going. When she came like anyone you come and see a big old truck like it fell out of the sky in your house you're like what's going on."