Christmas movie in New Iberia brings excitement to businesses

Posted at 5:27 PM, Jul 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-22 19:06:15-04

New Iberia will soon be in the national spotlight. The Lifetime Channel has begun it's production to one of its famous Christmas movies there. Some businesses say it's great exposure for the area.

Christmas isn't just once a year at Jolie Fleur Florist and Coffee Bar. "We love Christmas," owner Angelina Blaze said. "It's year round here. We leave all our nut crackers and Christmas trees up."

She added, "Christmas to me is about love, giving and sharing and that's the atmosphere that a lot of people tell me that they feel when they walk into this place. I want them to walk in and leave with happiness and joy."

With a Christmas movie being filmed in the area, she says the city is getting a gift of its own. "This is like a gift, because of the exposure," Blaze said.

"Just think about the revenue that it's going to bring to Iberia Parish in general. I think about tourism that's going to come in and once the movie comes out they'll be like 'hey where's that little town' and they will want to come in," she said.

If you are a business owner or citizen interested in potentially being a part of the project, send an e-mail to Pre-Production/Actual Filming will take place from July 22, 2019 to September 7, 2019.