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Today Is Census Day

Residents reminded to complete, submit survey
Posted at 7:34 AM, Mar 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-01 08:15:49-04

WASHINGTON — Today is Census Day, and state and local government officials are urging Louisiana residents to fill out and return their census forms.

By now, you should have received your census form in the mail. The front of the envelope will have a number of distinguishing features on the lefthand side. There, you'll fined the logos of both the Department of Commerce and the 2020 Census in the upper lefthand corner. Below that, you'll see the Census Bureau's National Processing Center address, an official business warning, and, inside a large box, a notice saying, "Your response is required by law." The back of the envelope says, "Shape your future. Start here." The back also will have an arrow pointing to the census's website,

If you prefer, you may complete the census online at

Census responses are important to the state and local governments. The population count determines how much money state governments and municipalities are eligible to receive. It also determines the number of seats states receive in the House of Representatives for the next decade.