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Baked Pepperoni Chips Are Such A Simple Zero-Carb Snack

Baked Pepperoni Chips Are Such A Simple Zero-Carb Snack
Posted at 6:30 AM, Apr 28, 2022

When people think about pepperoni, their brains jump to pizza. After all, pepperoni appeared on nearly 37 percent of all pizza orders, according to a recent national study. That is more than three times as much as the next popular topping: mushroom.

While pizza in its various forms is probably among the best food choices out there, sometimes you might want something a little lighter. If you and the family are looking to cater to a low-carb diet plan, you can ditch the pizza and still have that warm, crunchy pepperoni experience.

Pepperoni chips are the answer to your snack cravings and it’s one of the simplest recipes out there. All you need is — you guessed it — pepperoni!


We all know pepperoni is a pretty versatile ingredient. In addition to making pizza delicious, it’s also a great add-in for savory meatballs and amps up a charcuterie board to the next level. But, we love this chip recipe shared by Hip2Keto because it allows the pepperoni to be the only star on the plate.

While pepperoni chips are a keto-friendly option, we think this is a great snack option no matter how you choose to eat. Plus, there are few things better than a one-ingredient recipe, right?

According to the recipe, you can prepare these pepperoni chips in three different ways. First, you can put the sliced pepperoni on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and use your oven’s broiler function.

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If you don’t feel like heating up the house, you can always make your pepperoni chips with a microwave oven. All you need is two paper towels and your microwave according to Instagrammer @ketosnackz.

Finally, if you have an air fryer, then pepperoni chips might be your go-to snack recipe from now on. Just follow the Hip2Keto recipe and in about five minutes, your pepperoni chips are ready to go!

To make things even easier, you can pick up pre-sliced pepperoni at your favorite grocery location. With lots of options to choose from, including turkey pepperoni and all kinds of flavors and spice levels, you can change up your pepperoni chips to everyone’s taste.

Happy snacking!

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