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What Is Hair Slugging? Here’s How To Try This Beauty Trend

What Is Hair Slugging? Here’s How To Try This Beauty Trend
Posted at 9:05 AM, Mar 31, 2022

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Dry locks require intense hydration, and hair slugging might be the ultimate solution to quench that thirst. This latest beauty trend, originally referred to as hair oiling, seems to be TikTok’s current favorite hair hack.

Slugging is based on a centuries-old practice with roots in South Asia and is also related to a Korean skin care trend that also took TikTok by storm last year, skin slugging. Skin slugging involves drenching the skin with petroleum jelly overnight, while hair slugging is a similar process with a different ingredient (oil) for strands.

Hair slugging claims to combat frizz and help keeps locks looking shiny and healthy through a heavy dose of hydration. It’s best used by people in desperate need of moisture; in others, hairstylist Jason Collier told the U.K.’s Express, the process might weigh down hair due to the extra buildup caused by “an overuse of products.”

The trend became popular after a TikToker named Monique Rapier (@moniquemrapier) posted a video showing how it’s done.

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Basically, the process involves oiling your hair the same way other cultures have been doing for centuries to add an extra layer of moisture to hair.

But the results really speak for themselves — this hack could have some longevity.

Dry hair treatment with oil

How-To For Nighttime Slugging

  1. Slather a moisture-locking product all over your hair. (Avoid applying directly to your scalp.) Most people start near the top of their ears and work down.
  2. Pull your hair into a fuzzy sock (some suggest turning it inside out first).
  3. Secure sock and hair in a ponytail with a scrunchie.
  4. Shampoo and condition in the morning.
  5. As a variation, you can also use a lighter oil just on the ends of your hair that doesn’t need to be rinsed out in the morning.

Overnight slugging provides the added bonus of protecting your hair from the damage that happens from contact with a cotton pillowcase all night. (It also keeps it out of your face, which is nice for your skin.) If sleeping with your hair drenched in oil overnight isn’t your jam, you can also do it during the day.

Dry hair treatment on curly hair with oil

How-To For Daytime Slugging

Simply slug as advised above for two or more hours instead of overnight. Wash, rinse and style.

You can decide which oil you prefer based on your hair type and what your schedule looks like. Some people seem to have great results slugging without washing it out. Others feel this is too greasy and that they need a wash.

Those with thin hair might want to only oil their ends because the excess product could weigh hair down. Essentially, you can choose to use it only on the ends or as a thicker hair mask for a more intense treatment. It works for all hair types but might take a little experimenting to find your own sweet spot.

Don’t have long hair? That’s OK! As long as you can pull most of it into a sock, it’ll work. For optimum results, slug once a week. Here are five highly recommended products to help you hair slug at home.

OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco


A penetrating hair oil treatment designed for all hair types and textures, OGX’s Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco seals in nutrients, leaving hair strong and silky. It’s free from parabens and improves strength and elasticity. Amazon reviewers loved how soft and shiny it made their hair and one claimed it “smells like heaven!” Find it for $5.03 on Amazon.

OUAI Hair Oil


Designed as an ultra-lightweight, multitasking oil, OUAI hair oil provides mega-shine, smooths split ends and is safe for colored hair. From straight hair and wavy to coily, whether fine or thick or somewhere in between, this winning combination of ama oil, galanga root extract and borage oil works miracles. It’s currently $28 on Amazon.

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil


Hydrate with sustainably-sourced honey from the hives of Gisou founder Negin Miralehi, which works as a natural humectant and is rich in vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. This hair oil nourishes, restores, moisturizes and adds shine. One reviewer raved that this product transformed their hair. Find the travel-friendly version for $46 on Amazon.

Keihl’s Stylist Series Silk Groom Serum


Ideal for use on all hair textures, this non-greasy hair serum from Kiehl’s contains oils derived from soybeans and sunflower and sesame seeds. Vitamin E shields hair from humidity and makes it velvety smooth. Users love how well it works for fine, straight hair and one raved, “This is probably the best product I have ever used in my hair.” Available on Amazon for $29.86.

Moroccanoil Treatment


This is a multitasking hair treatment that uses argan oil to hydrate and harnesses linseed extract’s fatty acids to improve hair health. The fast-absorbing oil is great for all hair types. The company claims it boosts shine by up to 118%. It’s currently available on Amazon for $48.

If you’re just beginning the slugging process, you may also wish to purchase a set of scrunchies so locks stay in place and a pair of fuzzy socks to keep your hair in overnight. Then you’ll have what you need to get started!

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