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We're Open: Emaco Food Services continues to meet needs of Acadiana businesses

Posted at 8:20 PM, Mar 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-02 22:09:54-04

Through the uncertainties of COVID-19, many restaurants are trying to stay in business for take-out, delivery and drive-thru.

But the coronavirus has already made an impact up and down the economic food chain.

For the food service business Emaco, it's business not a usual.

Ema Haq is one of the many in Acadiana keeping his business in operation in order to keep the people of Acadiana going.

"I think we live in a great community and, each one of us, we need to have some responsibility to give," said Haq. "If we do that, it will be good. We're doing our part."

But Emaco Food Services has also been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. There are fewer deliveries coming in and Haq said the number of shipments going out has dropped dramatically.

On a normal day, Emaco ships out items to nearly one hundred restaurants in Louisiana. But today, in the midst of the pandemic, Haq said that the number is now close to twenty.

Haq is keeping his employees working with admittedly lighter shipments, sent off to restaurants from Lafayette to Lake Charles and several small grocery stores.

"The grocery stores, we do small-size shipments, they have picked up," said Haq. "So we thank God we have managed to supply them."

Ema Haq said he's got pretty solid quantities in almost every food-related category.

His company is there, he said, to help other members in the economic food chain keep their doors open, as well.

"If anybody wants to go to the store and buy eggs, potatoes, meat or paper supplies, I think we should be able to supply that," said Haq.