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We're Open: Apple Pie Repair

Posted at 5:28 PM, Mar 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-30 18:28:53-04

"We may have started with phones, we do so much with phones, but we do so much more now."

You can find those words on the Apple Pie Repair website. Our guess is, with so many more folks doing their work remotely during the corona area, the words "so much more" have taken on a whole bit more of added responsibility.

“I know a lot of people right now are even their jobs are working remotely on their computers you know making sure that’s taken care of,” says Apple Pie Repair manager Andrea Wolf. “We definitely want people to stay afloat especially right now, and everyone wants to remain working if they can, especially if they can do it at home.”

Customer care, naturally, is at the heart of any successful business, and current circumstances have forced the Apple Pie employees to take that care and understanding to the next level.

“Some people don’t even want to come in our store,” explains Wolf. “They want us to come outside and grab their things. We have been practicing that with some people especially people who are older in age that are worried.”

Cell phone battery replacement has been the most requested service.

“…Being able to interact with people and stay communicating with families, friends, co-workers, their boss, all of it.”

And cleanliness, inside, outside, counters and doors has been ramped up, she says, adding that “…wiping down every time, staying sanitized, exchanging gloves out between every single customer.”

It's a new normal that Wolf and company never expected or wanted to see. But it's here, and luckily Apple Pie is here to, with a sign that says "We're Open."

“We want to be here for whoever needs us and right now,” Wolf says. “Being an essential business is really an honor, you know, being able to help these people through all this, doing what we can do and really get the job done.”

Apple Pie Repair is located at 3804 Johnston Street in Lafayette; call them at 337-962-8880 or check out the website at www.applepierepair.com.