Zeta Nearing Hurricane Strength

On Track for a Louisiana Strike on Wednesday
Posted at 9:51 AM, Oct 26, 2020

Tropical Storm Zeta is nearing hurricane strength as of the 10am advisory with winds of 70mph. The system is still over the western Caribbean where further development is possible. It's forecast to move across the extreme northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula then emerge into the Gulf of Mexico.

Zeta will then have a chance for further strengthening as wind shear over the southern Gulf is low and heat content is high. As the system moves into the northern Gulf of Mexico, it will encounter stronger wind shear, and cooler waters.

Although not an environment for strengthening, it may hold its own, or even weaken before a landfall on Wednesday evening. The official National Hurricane Center's forecast brings a Category 1 storm onto the southeastern Louisiana coast with winds of 75mph.

Impacts here in Acadiana will be minimal with gusty winds associated with Zeta as well as a cold front. If the center passes east of our area, storm surge won't be an issue. Some heavy rain will be possible with minor flooding in isolated areas. Winds could gust to 35mph.

Cooler and drier air will slide in on Thursday, dragging Zeta away from the region with beautiful weather by the weekend.