Wet Start To The Week

Heavy Rains Possible
GRAF 4km Accumulation Acadiana.png
Posted at 3:32 AM, May 17, 2021

A deep trough over the west will keep our weather unsettled for much of the work week. We enjoyed some decent weather over the weekend with mild temperatures, but you may have noticed the increase in the humidity levels late in the weekend. This was the moisture return setting up. With disturbances continuing to move across the region, we can expect additional waves of rain.

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The first round will be early Monday. Generally expect showers over much of Acadiana, with storminess more likely to our west. Gradually, storms will spill into Acadiana. Some heavy downpours can be expected, with several inches of rain forecast for the areas south of I-10. Unfortunately, we've been in a fairly wet pattern over the past few weeks, rivers are high, and the ground continues to be saturated. Much of the rainfall expected this week will end up as runoff, so we'll be watching for any flooding.

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Severe weather doesn't look to be an issue today, but storms could get into the strong to severe range by the mid week. Eventually rain chances will be dropping off by the weekend.