Typical Summer Pattern: The never ending challenge of writing about the summer doldrums

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Posted at 3:54 AM, Jul 10, 2024
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We've reached the point of summer when there's fewer and fewer ways to describe the weather forecast.

After over a decade forecasting for south Louisiana I feel like I've used every combination of words to explain that it will be hot, humid, with a chance for scattered showers.

Yet every year I find myself in mid July staring at a keyboard wondering if anyone would notice if I simply copied and pasted the forecast from the day before and changed the day.

Full disclosure, I have done this and no one noticed.

If you haven't realized by now we are in the middle of what we call the summer doldrums.

The forecast for today (and everyday this week and next) can be describe as hot, humid, with scattered afternoon showers.

Highs will vary by a degree or two but will mostly be in the low 90 with a heat index in the triple digits.

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Lows will be in the upper 70s and we won't get much, if any relief from the unrelenting heat.

The forecast won't change much tomorrow but I don't think I'll copy and paste this article.

No, I'll do what I do pretty much every summer morning (barring tropical activity) and stare at the keyboard wondering how I'm going to say hot, humid, and scattered showers.