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Goats rescued during flood

Posted at 10:52 PM, Jul 14, 2019

When floodwaters rise, first responders know water recuses are a strong possibility.

But in one case, the heroes weren't on the boat with the ones they were helping.

Reporter Chris DiMaria from our sister station KJRH Tulsa was there for a resuce you have to see to believe. You can scroll down to see what he's posted on social media today. You can follow him on Facebook hereand on Twitter here .

"I'm thinking of all kinds of children's stories right now," says Carrol Vice.

Hurricane parties can include peculiar guests, but not many of them have four legs and horns.

"It's just something you'll never see in your life," Vice says.

Goats - six of them in all - took refuge on Vice's front lawn.

As waters rapidly rose in her Delcambre neighborhood, she and her family were worried about their furry neighbors. So with a little help from first responders, the rescue began.

"They walked the boat in there, and filled the goats in the boat and walked it back out," she said. "Rather than try to pull them with the boat, they just put them in there and walked the boat."

When the goats on the boat were brought across the moat - they went immediately for a flower bed, and some of them hadn't left.

"As soon as the goats were rescued, we put them in the yard and they went to town all over her daisies over there," Vice says. "She just got through saying she wanted to weed the bed, so luckily she got someone to take care of that for her."

Animal Rescue Group Frank's Way stopped by later to check on the goats, and see if they needed any medical attention.

"This is calm, actually," says David Scherff, Frank's Way founder. "ALl we do is plan, and plan and plan and plan, and when you get to a disaster, nothing is, you never know, it's always something different."

Vice never imagined this picture, and is thankful for everyone who came out to help her eight new furry lawn-guests.

"I think that's incredible," says Vice. "Everybody reaches out where they can."