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Tropical impacts likely for the Gulf Coast in the coming days

Posted at 3:59 PM, Aug 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-22 15:59:13-04

After a relatively nice Friday, lows will once again drop back into the lower 70s overnight and into Saturday morning.

Rain chances stay fairly low heading into Saturday afternoon as highs settle into the lower 90s. A few pop-up storms can not be rule out with the heating of the day.

The rest of the forecast largely depends on the tropics, so that's where we'll spend the bulk of our time.

We still have a trough positioned over the northern Gulf Coast which is likely still going to draw TD14 (Eventually Marco?) northward.

The change we are seeing today is perhaps a stronger Bermuda High trying to build in off to our east. If this holds true, we are likely to see Tropical Storm Laura get nudged farther to the west. This is indeed what we are seeing with the models and NHC track forecast this afternoon.

We could possibly then see the Fujiwhara effect take hold in the Gulf if our two systems get close enough in proximity to one another. It is dynamically impossible to see the two systems merge into one to create a 'Mega' storm, but rather one would likely intensify while the other would weaken.

Bottom line: The forecast remains quite complex and we are likely to see some changes in the next day to two days, so you'll want to stay with us for the very latest.

It is best for us to still be prepared for a land falling tropical storm/hurricane sometime into next week. Timing for the worst of the weather at this time would be Tuesday-Thursday, but that is certainly subject to change. Still too early for concrete specific details at this time. But here's a rough estimate: