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Summertime pattern returns for Sunday and most of next week

Posted at 4:09 PM, Aug 01, 2020

Good Saturday evening everyone! Radar is looking much quieter across the area compared to what we were dealing with earlier this morning.

Generally quiet conditions will persist overnight tonight and into Sunday morning as lows drop back into the lower and mid 70s.

The main trough axis responsible for Saturday mornings' storms will slowly push eastward on Sunday resulting in the bulk of the storm activity to set up in eastern Acadiana and SE Louisiana. However, with daytime heating and low-level moisture sticking around for one more day, a few isolated storms will be possible through the day on Sunday. Rain chances will sit at around 20-30% as high temperatures top out in the lower 90s. A very typical summertime pattern...

Much of the upcoming work week will be very August-like as high temperatures settle into the lower and mid 90s with rain chances sitting at around 10-20% for isolated storm activity in our afternoons.

In the tropics: Hurricane Isaias has been struggling mightily today as dry air intrudes on the western side of the system. In fact, it was downgraded to a tropical storm earlier this afternoon. The track forecast remains roughly the same as tropical impacts are likely for the eastern seaboard. The storm remains no threat for us here in Acadiana.

We are still watching T.D. #10 way out in the open Atlantic, but this system will not do much in the coming days as it is expected to dissipate.

Another open wave in the central Atlantic has a 60% chance to develop in the next 5 days, but is expected to re-curve out to sea and not be much of a threat.