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Summer heat is hanging on for Acadiana/Update on tropics

Posted at 6:00 PM, Sep 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-15 00:03:22-04

No real change in the forecast as a surface high continues to dominate our weather the next several days.

So get ready for more summertime heat Sunday through much of next week as highs will be in the low to mid 90s every day.

The thing we will have to watch in the short term is an upper level low in the eastern Gulf.

The National Hurricane Center is now monitoring this area of showers and storms as they give it a low end chance (30%) that it could develop tropical characteristics over the next 5 days as it slowly drifts towards the Texas coast.

As this low slides closer to Louisiana it could send a few isolated showers over Acadiana Monday through Wednesday, especially down along the coast.

But most of the rain should stay out over the waters meaning our rain chances will only be about 20-30% each afternoon this week.

Also in the Atlantic Tropical Storm Humberto has strengthen slightly Saturday with winds now up to 50 mph.

The good news is most of the showers and storms have stayed away from the islands and the center is lifting to the north farther from the Bahamas.

The latest track keeps Humberto away from land as it will turn out into the open Atlantic on Sunday.

As it moves into a more favorable environment Humberto will likely strengthen to a hurricane with sustained winds getting as high as 105 mph as it swings by Bermuda on Wednesday.

Lastly, the National Hurricane Center is watching a tropical wave way out in the lower Atlantic.

This disturbance has a medium chance (60%) it could become a tropical system over the next 5 days.

Most models show this wave getting organized and becoming at least a tropical storm (Imelda) by the middle of the week but it should turn to the north and stay out in the open waters and away from the Caribbean and Gulf.