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Hurricane Delta to impact Acadiana

Latest on Delta as of 4 pm on October 7th
Posted at 3:59 PM, Oct 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-07 23:43:28-04

Here is the latest advisory on Hurricane Delta

The storm has weakened over the last 12 hours while encountering land interaction with the Yucatan as well as tracking over slightly cooler waters in the extreme southern Gulf.

Conditions will become more conducive for strengthening as the storm tracks into the central Gulf in the next day or so.

Delta is forecasted to once again reach major hurricane strength once in the central Gulf as it takes advantage of the warm waters.

We remain very confident in the track forecast which takes Delta toward our coastline on Friday.

We are expecting a gradual weakening of the storm as it approaches the coast as it encounters cooler waters and some amounts of wind shear.

This is not a reason to take the storm lightly.

To what extent does it weaken upon landfall remains to be seen, so we have to remain prepared for a major hurricane strike on Friday.

As I often say, you always want to prepare for one category higher than the forecasted strength.

Here is a rough timeline and estimate of impacts we can expect across Acadiana. Keep in mind these are still subject to some changes.

Bottom line: This is a fast moving storm and it will be coming in quickly on Friday.

Preparations need to already be underway and fully completed no later than Friday morning.

We are looking at a direct hurricane strike across all of Acadiana.