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Hot conditions continue; Few more cooling showers Sunday

Posted at 5:02 PM, Jul 24, 2021

It was an absolute scorcher across the area today as temperatures soared into the middle 90s.

When you factored in the humidity, it felt anywhere from 105-103°!

We also had some hazy skies thanks to Saharan dust which really did not help the cause.

We are looking at warm and muggy conditions tonight as temperatures settle into the middle and upper 70s under fair-mostly clear skies.

It will be very hot and humid once again on Sunday as temperatures climb into the middle 90s.

Heat index values will easily reach the triple digits.

Heat Stroke.png
Heat Awareness

Proper heat precautions remain strongly advised.

HRRR Model

There will be a little more in the way of moisture/instability around tomorrow afternoon to help generate a few cooling showers out there for the lucky few.

Similar set-up heading into Monday.

Rain chances may actually come down a bit for Tuesday as more dry air tries to work in.

By the middle and latter part of the week, high pressure will take shape off to our north.

As I discussed yesterday, this would set-up a familiar summertime "ring of fire" weather pattern where you get super hot and dry conditions directly underneath that high, but then instability (showers and storms) working along the outer periphery of the high.

As a result, rain chances will be increased a bit with a better scattering of those afternoon showers and storms.

High pressure and drier air may try and once again work back into the region next weekend to lower rain chances.

Still a week out, so we'll see how the pattern evolves with time.

In the tropics:

An area of disturbed weather continues to swirl just off of the southeastern US coastline.

Tropical Outlook

The NHC now gives it a 60% chance to develop into a tropical depression, but notes environmental conditions appear only marginally conducive for future development.

Models remain all over the place as to where the moisture will track.

Bottom line: some of the moisture could end up in the Gulf by this week enhancing rain chances for portions of the Gulf coast, but the system is likely to remain rather weak and lopsided in nature.

Nothing that we have to be overly concerned about at this point.

The rest of the Atlantic basin is quiet at this time.