The summer doldrums take over as Beryl leaves the region

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Posted at 3:59 AM, Jul 09, 2024
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After a busy start to the work week the forecast is settling down into a traditional summer pattern.

The last of the tropical showers moved out early Tuesday morning and from here we can expect hot, humid, and a chance of showers.

It really doesn't get more complicated than that this week.

7 Day - Day 1.png

Temperatures will stay in the low 90s the next several days, while the heat index will consistently push into the triple digits.

Rain chances will sit around 30-50 percent each afternoon as moisture lingers in the atmosphere.

It's much better than having to talk about the tropics every single day and the good news is that through at least the middle of July the tropics are looking quiet.

This isn't the last time you'll hear a forecast like this, in fact there's a very good chance you'll here it again tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day).