Summer Rolls Along: Wash. Rinse. Repeat

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Posted at 3:57 AM, Jul 11, 2024
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Say it with me: Hot, humid, scattered showers.

At this point I assume I mumble those words in my sleep, it certainly feels like the only four words I say when I'm awake.

If you've spent any time in south Louisiana during the summer then you've got a pretty good idea about what we've got in store Thursday.

Highs are back in the low to mid 90s, heat index triple digits, and we'll see showers and storms popping up as we get into the afternoon.

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The lows are going to sit in the upper 70s from now until the end of eternity? (or at least until October)

As you've probably guessed by now the forecast will remain unchanged through the weekend and most of next week.

Still it's better than dealing with the tropics.