Showers moving through early Wednesday

Posted at 7:12 AM, May 08, 2019

Over the last several days we’ve been talking about the showers and storms coming up later this work week.

The turn over to that soggy forecast gets started on Wednesday with a soggy atmosphere producing some showers and thunderstorms to start the day.

Mostly cloudy skies across Acadiana and a few thunderstorms will be with us for the first half of the day before a quick break in the action.

Solid winds coming in from the Gulf of Mexico will keep the moisture in place which will continue to add fuel to showers later in the forecast.

As a front moves in from the north over the next few days showers will become more common with the wettest days looking to be Friday and Saturday.

Our severe threat is going to be greatest on Thursday and while it looks like the worst of the weather is going to be to our north it’s still a little too close for comfort.

Severe threat will be some hail along with damaging winds that move through the area on Thursday.

The biggest issue with the extended forecast remains to be heavy showers with 3-5″ worth of rain possible over the next several days.

This is enough that it will put a strain on low lying roadways and cause a the bayous and rivers to run fast and full.

While a widespread, major flood event isn’t expected it’s good practice to just keep an eye on the waterways as they take on the extra water.

The forecast will finally calm down Sunday afternoon and we’ll get at least a few days to dry out.