One last quiet day before rain sets in

Posted at 7:17 AM, May 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-07 08:47:27-04

The forecast Tuesday is going to stay quiet as we get ready for an active, soggy forecast for the end of the week.

Highs are going to be sitting in the upper 80s Tuesday afternoon, and with humidity inching up we’ll see the heat index in the low 90s.

All the moisture being added to the atmosphere will help to fuel the showers that are expected later on this week, and will eventually lead to some heavy downpours.

That round of wet weather starts to arrive on Wednesday in the form of scattered showers during the mid-morning and early afternoon.

These will include a few thunderstorms and a few heavy downpours but should ease up later in the afternoon and evening.

This will just be a quick reprieve from the rainfall, however, as wet weather will return to the area on Thursday.

Thursday’s showers may include a severe thunderstorm or two, but severe weather should remain isolated.

This wet weather will last through the first half of the weekend and when all is said and done we’ll be looking at 3-5″ of rain.

Localized minor flooding will be the major issue, and it won’t be surprising to see some Flash Flood Watches pop up later this week.

Areas of concern will be low laying roadways, ditches along with the rivers and bayous which will be running full and fast later this week.

All of this comes as a result of a stalling front which are often notoriously finicky so keep that in mind while monitoring the forecast this week.