Summer like forecast starts to take over

Posted at 6:41 AM, Apr 30, 2019

The forecast is starting to slow down a little as we get into the later half of spring and start that slow transition to summer.

Humidity is inching upwards across south Louisiana, which is the most noticeable overnight when lows sit in the 70s.

Winds are going to be breezy through the afternoon out of the south roughly around 10-15 mph keeping that moisture locked in place.

A solid mixture of sun and clouds will be present with a few more clouds out there than sunshine, although not expecting much if any showers.

Highs will be sitting in the mid 80s with a heat index that is going to hang just shy of roughly 90 through Tuesday afternoon.

There’s not going to be much change in the forecast over the next several days, but a meandering front moving south will spark some showers over the weekend.

Saturday is looking a little wet with widespread showers and thunderstorms although it doesn’t look like it’ll be wall to wall rainfall.