Festival International Forecast Rundown

Posted at 8:10 AM, Apr 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-24 09:10:59-04

We’ve made it to another Festival Weekend and even with a round of active weather on the horizon it looks like the weather will more or less cooperate for the entire festival.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: The kick-off isn’t going to see any issues, we’ll have mostly cloudy skies with muggy conditions. Temperatures will be in the 70s through the majority of the night and with the humidity staying fairly high it’ll feel plenty warm outside.

THURSDAY NIGHT: Despite a busy morning, the evening won’t be nearly as active with cloudy skies and a few light lingering showers. There may still be the need for a poncho but the heavy rains, and threatening thunderstorms will have already wrapped up. Temperatures will be cooler after the rain and you may have to stand in a few puddles.

FRIDAY: This is when the forecast really turns into something special, clear skies will persist through the day and into the evening. Temperatures at night will cool off once the sun goes down, but will be a far stretch from chilly. Humidity will drop as dry air rushes in with strong winds from the north. A solid breeze will be with us through the day and finally relaxing overnight.

SATURDAY: After a cool start to the day temperatures will sit in a warm, pleasant low 80s range with humidity kept in check. Outside of a few fair weather clouds there’s not expected to be anything other than sunshine. Make sure to bring the sunblock and maybe a hat, it also wouldn’t be a bad idea to rotate water into your list of drinks as well.

SUNDAY: As the party starts to wind down the forecast will remain the same, with nice sunny skies and a warm afternoon. Temperatures will range into the low 80s and may be a degree or two warmer than Saturday, but no real complaints.

Have a safe and happy Festival!