One more round of rain, finally clear skies on the horizon

Posted at 5:50 AM, Jan 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-03 07:45:38-05

It’s another wet and dreary forecast on tap for Acadiana on Thursday with a slow-moving front keeping the rain going for another day.

This slow moving system could produce an additional 1-2″ of rain, so the Flash Flood Watch is going to remain in effect across Acadiana on Thursday.

Showers are going to continue through the remainder of the day, finally showing some signs of letting up by the late afternoon and evening.

The showers won’t be overly problematic but they will have an impact on your day and if you will be out and about you’ll have to plan accordingly.

In the meantime temperatures will continue to run on the chilly side with the highs not getting out of the 50s, and they won’t be helped by breezy conditions.

As the front moves through the cold air will start to move in sending temperatures Thursday night down into the low 40s and the winds will pick up significantly.

Look for the winds to be out of the north around 15-20 mph on Friday morning which will force the wind chill down into the 30s.

It will take some time to clear the skies from all the clouds, but rest assured clear skies are on the horizon with a beautiful looking weekend on tap.