Freeze Watch issued for north Acadiana

Posted at 7:30 AM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 09:13:59-05

The first real taste of winter has arrived with a windy, damp, and down right cold weather pattern taking hold for the next few days.

Clouds are locked in place for the next few days which will keep everything fairly soggy after the showers we had to start the week.

While the thermometer may read in the low 40s all day the wind chill won’t make it much warmer than about 35 Tuesday afternoon, this will be brought along by winds out of the north at about 15-20 mph.

A Freeze Watch is in effect for Evangeline Parish and areas to the north and west as temperatures will flirt with freezing for the first time this season north of I-10.

If you live along or south of I-10 you won’t see freezing just yet, although those communities won’t be far behind, with 30 degree lows expected Wednesday night.

If you have sensitive plants may want to go ahead and bring them inside for a few night before we can warm up again.

Sunshine will start to return to Acadiana later this week and temperatures will crawl up a little as we get into the weekend.