Little more of the same this week

Posted at 3:54 PM, Aug 14, 2018

The dry summer is persisting through the first half of August and with shower chances lackluster the next few days it looks like we’ll get into the back half of the month with little rain.

It’s been quiet since we had the showers on Saturday with temperatures reminding everyone that summer is not over yet, and Tuesday provided another afternoon with the heat index up around 105.

This heat will continue on Wednesday with almost identical numbers to what we’ve experienced the last several days, and to top it off dewpoints have remained oppressive through this slog of days.

We might have a little better luck with the showers on Wednesday, although that isn’t really saying much, with a few scattered showers possible it’ll still predominantly be a dry forecast.

A little better moisture content, and a little less dust, on Friday and Saturday could end in a few more widespread showers but again it’s not going to be anything worth writing home about.

The forecast gets a little more interesting early in the week with the potential of a front moving in which could bring some showers into the area, it might also bring in some drier, cooler air. (It’s still August so don’t get too excited, but something to watch)