School may be starting but summer continues

Posted at 4:37 PM, Aug 06, 2018

School’s may be returning and students and teachers may be lamenting the end of summer (parent’s may be rejoicing) but lament not because in the weather world the summer is far from being over. 

As if Mother Nature was trying to prove my point she’s cooked up a work week forecast with all of our summer favorites with appearances by heat, humidity, and even afternoon showers/storms (that’s summer forecasting bingo). 

The morning will start off quietly with mostly sunny skies and plenty of humidity to go along with the heat, that moisture will lead to some towering clouds early that will thicken up through the day. 

Temperatures will be pushing into their usual territory of low 90s in the afternoon with a heat index approaching the triple digits, unless you can catch some of the earlier showers. 

Showers will fire up around lunch time with a handful of showers eventually becoming a little more widespread, this won’t guarantee everyone gets rain but it’ll be wise to keep an umbrella. 

None of the storms are expected to be severe although they can quickly strengthen before quickly falling apart again so if you find a storm is particularly nasty it shouldn’t last long. 

Lightning and downpours will be the biggest issues with the storms and the occasional strong wind gusts, but again this nothing we haven’t seen time and time again in the summer months. 

This forecast will then repeat itself for the remainder of the day with no real change in the weather.