Summer doldrums for the rest of the week

Posted at 4:08 PM, Jul 25, 2018

It’s the full fledged summer doldrums in the weather lab this week, the forecast rarely changes and each forecast looks like the one that came before it, and the one that undoubtedly will come after it. The skies will remain sunny with only a handful of fair weather clouds popping up through the afternoon, none of which will be capable of producing any kind of rain. After getting off to a wet start the rain totals in July have slowed down tremendously since then and the hopes of making big strides in catching up with out yearly rain average are dashed. Temperatures will remain appropriately hot, and even though it’s been a little drier the last few days that doesn’t look like the case anymore and humidity will start to return to normal. This in turn will be followed by the return of pop afternoon showers over the weekend before we finally may see a break and a change in this monotonous weather pattern. A "cool" (term used loosely) front will drop in from the north to start the new week which may lead to several days of rainfall and maybe some slightly cooler air; still a little early to determine how much rain we may see but that’ll become known over the coming days.