Unsettled is the new normal

Posted at 3:17 PM, Jul 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-11 16:17:57-04

Unsettled seems to be the name of game when it comes to this weather pattern that has taken a hold of Acadiana, a pattern that doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. 

This means that, as is usually the case this time of year, any chores you need taken care of outside are best done in the morning before the showers have a chance to get going. 

Morning will be warm and muggy with mostly sunny skies with a few clouds starting to build into lunch time, these clouds will then build up and eventually give way to a wide scattering of afternoon showers. 

We’ve seen this forecast play out now since the start of the month and we’ll continue to see it play out that way straight through into the weekend and even next week. 

Highs will be getting up into the upper 80s and low 90s depending on when exactly the rains get going, but regardless at this point in the summer we can expect it to be hot everyday. 

The rain should be welcomed though after such a dry start to the summer we’re well behind our average, in fact some places in Acadiana are still under drought conditions.