Weekend looks hot with showers next week

Posted at 8:45 PM, Jun 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-29 21:45:45-04

The final week of June is in the books and it ended just the way you’d expect with blazingly hot temperatures and each afternoon producing a random scattering of showers. 

The weekend looks more of the same kind of weather if not a degree or two hotter than it’s been the last several days and both days will likely be good for a shower or two. 

After such a monotonous pattern it seems impossible that we’ll ever see a change in the weather but rest assured some change is on the way, in the form of a few unsettled days through next week. 

A line of storms pushed into the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday and that injection of moisture will linger offshore for a few days before getting caught up underneath a ridge and forced to the west. 

This deep layer of tropical moisture will mix with our already saturated atmosphere and spark a round of showers that will kick up Monday evening and continue on and off again for several days. 

The wettest day looks to be Tuesday which will be a day of sustained showers before becoming a little more broken up on the 4th of July, although there will still be plenty of showers crashing in on BBQ. 

As of Friday it looks like the cells producing the most significant rain will remain just offshore which will help ease any flooding potential, although these showers can be prolific so will need to be on the look out for localized flooding. 

Models are currently indicating a couple inches of rain spread across several days which could help out with the dry conditions we’ve had so far this summer season.