Major impacts stay east of Acadiana

Posted at 6:16 AM, May 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-25 07:16:44-04

The last week of May will provide what looks like the first tropical system of the year with tropical development looking more and more likely in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. 

Development looks to take place either late Friday or early Saturday, Hurricane Hunters are expected to fly into the storm Friday afternoon and providing valuable data which will help with the forecast. 

The outlook for Acadiana looks the same, which is some good news for south central Louisiana as the biggest impacts from the storm will remain to the east, unfortunately it is moving right into a major travel hotspot. 

Those who will be heading to the beach this weekend, and even the beginning of the week, will want to closely monitor the storm and know where to get local updates for your destination. 

Models remain consistent with a system making it’s way into the Mobile Bay area by Monday afternoon, which would bring major impacts to some of the more popular beach destinations (Gulf Shores, Pensacola Beach, Destin). 

*This is model data, this is not a forecast*

One of the big things that should jump out to everyone is how lopsided the system is with all the impacts to the east, Acadiana in fact may end up with partly sunny skies and a few showers, even New Orleans doesn’t seem to see many impacts. 

If you are heading east, however, flooding will be the major issue with this system with hot spots in and around the Mobile area looking at 6-12" of rain and the possibility of flooding from Biloxi through even to Destin. 

*This is model data, this is not a forecast*

Beach goers this weekend will want to be very careful while entering the Gulf of Mexico as rip currents will be deadly before the weather even starts to settle in, so swimming Saturday should be avoided. 

As always small changes in this forecast can lead to major impact changes so make sure that you stay tuned for the latest weather both with KATC and with local officials if you’re traveling.