Cold front brings cool dry air

Posted at 7:42 AM, Apr 26, 2018

After a round of showers Thursday morning the rest of the weekend forecast will settle down and it is smooth sailing from here on out making for a perfect forecast for festival goers. 

The front, as they tend to do, has ushered in a round of cooler air across Acadiana and the showers have settled some of the dust and helped out with the gardens. 

Highs on Thursday will struggle to get into the mid 70s with a cool wind coming out of the north around 10-15 mph with the occasional gust getting a little higher then that at times. 

A gradual warm up through the rest of the weekend with highs getting back quickly into the 80s by Sunday with plenty of sunshine through out, but despite warm afternoons the evening will remain a little chilly for late April.