Ville Platte honors shooting victim on his 6th birthday

Posted at 11:06 PM, Aug 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-14 00:06:54-04

The child shot last month in Ville Platte is getting support from the city. Deamonte Wilson was shot in the leg earlier this month , while riding in his father's car. He's now out of the hospital and not spending his recovery alone.

Tuesday's city council meeting was filled with gifts and treats for a special guest. Wilson sat by mayor Jennifer Vidrine during the meeting.

He's one of the cities youngest shooting victims. During the meeting he celebrated his 6th birthday and wanted everyone to know

"I'm feeling good," Wilson said.

Vidrine says, Wilson is a living miracle. "That bullet could've taken his life. He's not even walking with a limp. This is trickling down to our 'sha babies'. It has to stop. If you see something say something. If you know something say something."

The meeting also brought in newly hired police officers. Vidrine says this gives the city a total of 10 patrolmen, who she says will help ease a city already on edge.

It's a symbol some hope will bring change, and also a sense of security for children like Wilson.

"I'm feeling better," Wilson said during the meeting. "Thank you everyone. thumbs up!"