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Tools for Schools: Loreauville High School

Posted at 6:50 PM, Mar 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-11 19:54:17-04

Today’s Tools for Schools was at Loreauville High School in the classroom of Kim Judice.

Thanks to Jim Olivier’s Family of Companies, we delivered calculators to Judice’s pre-calculus class.

“I need graphing calculators for my students to use in class. I teach college prep math classes. I currently have about eight calculators and normally have a class of approximately 20 or more students,” Judice told us in her application. “When we are using the calculators in class, we have to share because I don’t have enough for each student to have one at their desk. It would be so much easier to teach the calculator keystrokes if all or most of my students had a calculator to use in class.”

Judice explains that difficult math problems can be worked fairly easily and quickly using a graphing calculator. First, the class works the problems by hand, and then she shows them the keystrokes on the calculator.

“These are all college bound students,” she says. “When they get to college, they are expected to know how to work these difficult problems using the graphing calculator. If I had enough calculators, I could allow students to practice the keystrokes and become proficient at using the calculator. Therefore, once they get to college, they would not have to struggle with learning how to use the calculator. They would definitely be better prepared to be successful in both college math and science courses.”