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Slow cooker stuffing recipe will make cooking for the holidays so much easier

Slow Cooker Stuffing Recipe Will Make Cooking For The Holidays So Much Easier
Posted at 12:33 PM, Nov 16, 2018

Preparing for Thanksgiving dinner requires a lot of prep work, and we welcome any shortcuts that make cooking for the big day easier. So, when you see this recipe — which makes prepping easier without sacrificing taste — you’ll want to make it a staple on your holiday dinner menu. Ready for the big reveal? Behold this slow cooker stuffing recipe.

The crockpot stuffing recipe that will save you some major time in the kitchen this season comes from Spend With Pennies. It’s great because it’s homemade — which beats stuffing from the box — but only requires minimal effort.

All you need to create this amazing dish is bread, chicken broth, eggs, celery, onion and spices. Spend With Pennies also walks you through the best types of bread for making stuffing and how to dry it out on your own.

The recipe does require some minimal effort before you add everything to the crockpot. You’ve got to season and saute the onions and celery and then mix it all together. But as you can see in this video from the Spend With Pennies YouTube channel, it’s all very easy to get to that final slow cooker step:

Once you’ve got the ingredients combined, you throw them into the crockpot and let them slow cook for four hours. The stuffing will be ready to serve immediately, or it can be made 24 hours in advance to get one step out of the way before Turkey Day. How amazing is that?

Speaking of Thanksgiving, here’s another thing to be thankful for: This stuffing recipe isn’t the only slow-cooked version of a classic side that can be served up for the holiday.

For instance, Gimme Some Oven has a recipe for slow-cooked cranberry sauce that will make your Thanksgiving preparations all the easier. Orange juice, water, sugar, cranberries and some time in the slow cooker will yield a delicious turkey topping.


If your Thanksgiving table always features a rich macaroni and cheese, this recipe from Dinner Then Dessert will walk you through the steps to yield perfectly delicious macaroni and cheese that takes little to no effort to make.

Finally, making mashed potatoes — a dish that can be a labor of love thanks to all the peeling, boiling and mashing — can have almost all of the work taken out of it thanks to this recipe from Cooking Classy, which shows you how to create creamy garlic mashed potatoes right in your crockpot.

Who’s ready to keep the hands-on cooking to a minimum and opt for these time-saving recipes this Thanksgiving?

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