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Taco Bell Has 2 Brand-new Items On Its Vegetarian Menu

Posted at 2:35 PM, Sep 17, 2019

Vegetarians who love fast food, rejoice! Taco Bell has finally released their long-awaited vegetarian menu. Sometimes it just feels easier to eat at home when you’re vegetarian, but I don’t like to miss out on my fast-food fix. So ever since the Tex-Mex chain announced they would be offering a dedicated vegetarian menu back in January, I’ve been waiting to see just what will be included, and I am not disappointed.

While there are already numerous veggie offerings on the regular menu, the new menu will separate some those items into a dedicated vegetarian-only menu, so you don’t have to search all over the regular menu to find what you need. As a bonus, Taco Bell went into the test kitchen to come up with something new, so this menu refresh includes two new vegetarian items.

Taco Bell

The new menu launched Sept. 12 and features only items that are American Vegetarian Association (AVA) certified. Along with veggie favorites like the 7-layer burrito and bean burrito, it also includes a brand-new black bean Cruchwrap supreme and black bean Quesarito.

While the are only four items displayed on the in-store vegetarian menu board, there are quite a few more on the online menu. Taco Bell has a total of 13 AVA-certified vegetarian menu items and 36 AVA-certified vegetarian ingredients, 26 of which are also vegan, so you can easily customize a vegan or vegetarian meal for yourself.

The vegetarian items are indicated by a symbol on the menu.

Taco Bell

But keep in mind that everything on Taco Bell’s menu is customizable. So vegetarians can keep an eye out for those green diamonds with a V on the menu, but we can also order off the regular menu by simply swap meat for beans.

Taco Bell became the first and only quick-service restaurant certified by the AVA in 2015. Their bean burrito has been on the menu for 50 years and is Taco Bell’s second best-selling item.

“At Taco Bell, we believe that vegetarian food shouldn’t be a compromise; it shouldn’t be limited to one item, and it shouldn’t be just for vegetarians,” Liz Matthews, Taco Bell’s global chief food innovation officer, said in a press release. “For years, we’ve consistently proven that our vegetarian menu options are so craveable that even non-vegetarians unknowingly go veggie because they just love the taste. We’re committed to building on this insight and plan to further innovate in this growing space.”

Taco Bell

So, who’s ready to try the new Crunchwrap and Quesarito? I am!

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