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SunnyD Is Bringing Back 2 Old Flavors For A Limited Time

SunnyD Is Bringing Back 2 Old Flavors For A Limited Time
Posted at 5:43 PM, Jul 08, 2020

When it comes to summer flavors, watermelon has always topped my list. Whether you’re adding it to salads, drinking it in a cocktail or even turning it into fries (seriously!), watermelon is a delightfully versatile summer food.

And now, there’s another way to enjoy watermelon’s summery goodness: SunnyD! The drink that was in just about every family’s refrigerator in the ’90s is back in its watermelon variety, just in time for summer sipping.

Offering 60 calories per serving and 100% of your daily vitamin C, the flavor has returned to stores nationwide for the second summer in a row after selling out last year.


While you could always just pour a glass of cold SunnyD (or maybe even mix it with some alcohol like this watermelon vodka), you can also use it in recipes to make summer even more fun.

Check out this recipe for Watermelon Shaved Ice that uses a 64-ounce bottle of the watermelon SunnyD, plus limes and coconut water.

Watermelon Shaved Ice


1 64-ounce bottle SunnyD Watermelon
2 limes
½ cup coconut water
Pinch of sesame seeds, optional


Juice limes and combine SunnyD Watermelon, lime juice and coconut water in a saucepot, reduce mixture to 75% (taking away 25%).

Place ice in a blender to crush until snow-like.

Once mixture has cooled, pour over shaved ice, add fresh watermelon and sesame seeds.


Along with watermelon, SunnyD is also bringing back its lemonade flavor, which sounds like it would be delicious if blended with the watermelon.

Both the watermelon and lemonade flavors will be available for a limited time. They join more than 10 other SunnyD flavors, including tangy original, fruit punch, blue raspberry, mango and more.


Of course, if your memories of SunnyD are firmly entrenched in the ’90s, you’ll want to enjoy it alongside some other treats from that golden era.

Dunkaroos are officially back and you can now buy them online in select areas. Meanwhile, Planters launched new flavors of Cheez Balls for the first time and Fruit by the Foot has a new Starburst flavor.


Will you be picking up some watermelon SunnyD to enjoy this summer?

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