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‘Strawberry Ice’ Succulents Are A Beautiful Addition To Your Indoor Garden

‘Strawberry Ice’ Succulents Are A Beautiful Addition To Your Indoor Garden
Posted at 11:20 AM, Jul 09, 2020

Move over, Aeonium arboreum. There’s a new succulent in town, and she’s getting likes all over Instagram.

Known as echeveria “strawberry ice,” this succulent has the pastel beauty of a delicate flower, and we predict this blushing plant will soon be replacing popular succulents like the pinwheel desert rose and zebra plant when it comes to must-have houseplants.

You can search for echeveria strawberry ice from online retailers like Cedar Creek Farmhouse (where the plant is currently out of stock, but you can sign up to be notified when it’s available again), or ask about the plant at your local nursery.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse

Once you’ve obtained these beauties, you can plant the unrooted rosettes in a pot of your choosing indoors, although they can also enjoy outdoor sunshine (just don’t leave them out overnight if the evening temperatures will drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit).

These pink-tinged succulents also make wonderful gifts, especially for people who love plants but admittedly don’t have much of a green thumb.

Caring for succulents is pretty straightforward, even for people with little gardening experience, which partly explains succulents’ surge in popularity, especially among younger people.

Succulent Zone

It’s no wonder succulents are having a major moment, with gardening centers reporting that their succulents and cactus sales have exploded in the last few years.

Many industry insiders say millennials and Instagram helped to spark the recent succulent boom, also crediting popular YouTube channels like “My Succulent Life” for making this humble plant so crave-worthy.

Succulents are not only relatively easy to care for (as they need less frequent watering and hands-on care than other plants), they also might help to purify the air by reducing air toxins and producing oxygen.


If you want to get in on the succulent trend, you might need some guidance on where to begin. With over 60 different succulent families, it can be hard to select the species that is right for you.

The aforementioned echeveria is a great place to start, whether you opt for the strawberry ice variety or the equally colorful lipstick echeveria, which features brilliant red tips.

Or try the echeveria laui, which features broad, sumptuous leaves that come in pale or silvery blue hues, proving that succulents really can be as varied, colorful and unique as flower buds.

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