St. Landry woman shares story of survival years after Sunset rampage

St. Landry woman shares story of survival years after Sunset rampage
Posted at 6:17 PM, Aug 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-27 19:17:34-04

A woman stabbed multiple times four years ago by her then-husband is now talking about what happened that day.

In 2015, Harrison Lee Riley Jr. went on a violent rampage. He stabbed a woman to death, stabbed his wife, and shot and killed the responding officer.

Riley, is now serving two life sentences in Angola. The survivor of those attacks now hopes her story can be a lesson to those in violent relationships.

"I was stabbed 8 times, and was shot 5 times," Courtney Jolivette said. Scars from the attack remain on Jolivette's arm.

As time passes, it doesn't get easier for Jolviette to talk about her survival. She says she and Riley were driving in the car, when he became violent and began to attack her. She told him she was leaving him.

"He was like 'I'm sorry please don't leave'. I said we're done. That was the last straw and he jumped out my car and started running. I'm like 'oh my God, I hope he doesn't hurt nobody else.'"

Riley, stabbed another woman to death, before stabbing his wife. Jolviette said she fought him back.

"I have a 5-year-old daughter who has no one else but me, lord please don't let me die," Jolviette said. She was able to hold him down, until an officer arrived.

"I felt like I was faint ," she said. "When I seen the cop arrive there and it was like a sign of relief." Jolviette said she tried to explain to the officer what was going on and told him he would need back up.

However, Riley approached the officer, grabbed his gun and shot him.

At this point, all this mother of one could do is run. Riley later stole her car and ran it into a convenience store and entered into an hours long standoff with police. He was later arrested that night.

While Jolivette survived, she is using her story in hopes of helping others to get out of violent relationships.

"Before I couldn't talk about it, but now I can," she said. "I think that my story if It could help someone else save their life and then maybe they can save someone else's life. At the end of the day if you have to go through things like that, then you have to get out of it. When I got the red flags, I should have got out of it, but I stayed there thinking maybe it could work."