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Mickey Loomis refutes idea of a conspiracy

Posted at 9:12 PM, Jan 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-24 00:05:06-05


Mobile, AL (KATC) – Speaking for the first time since the “New Orleans No Call,” Saints general manager Mickey Loomis said the missed call at the end of the NFC Championship was human error.

“It’s hard to bounce back a day later, two days later, three days later,” he said. “But we will. We’ll put it behind us and be stronger.”

Loomis dismissed the notion of a league conspiracy in his first answer of his press availability Wednesday at the Senior Bowl.

The Saints’ controversial loss has fans, players and non-fans alike up in arms.  The league has privately apologized for not calling defensive pass interference in the final minutes of regulation. Publicly, however, the league has stayed quiet. Loomis wouldn’t comment on whether he thought the league should make a public apology, saying he couldn’t speak for the league.

“Life is not always fair, and we have to pick ourselves up from a tough blow and loss and get ready for next year.”

Loomis called the 26-23 loss to the Rams the hardest of his career and said he went to the Mobile to recruit and try to clear his mind, “I had to get over here for my mental state.”