Throwbacks back in the NFL?

NFL considering allowing alternate helmets
Posted at 5:51 PM, Mar 25, 2020

It's the news I've clamored for, for years. The NFL may finally give NFL teams the green light to bring back throwback uniforms.

In the name of safety the NFL put in place the so called "one-helmet-rule" back in 2013. This rule severely limited teams' ability to wear old colors and throwback uniforms.

The idea behind the rule was that players were safer wearing a helmet that was used and worn-in, as to one fresh out of the box. Anyone knows it takes a run or two really break in new sneakers, now think about that for your head. It makes sense, but it's 2020, aren't there new technologies and ways to make helmets safer and not limit the number of awesome uniforms? Maybe.

Wednesday on the Dan Patrick Show, Tampa Bay Head Coach Bruce Arians told DP that the league is considering throwing out that old rule. An NFL spokesperson told Pro Football Talk that it is in consideration for 2021. Why the change of heart? It's unclear right now, but allowing another helmet or two for each team could usher in a new era of throwback jerseys. Teams like the Eagles could wear the famed Kelly Green jerseys, the Bucs in creamsicle or the Patriots stamping the iconic "Pat the Patriot" on the side a white helmet.

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