Loomis wants to delay draft, Payton goes all in on Taysom

Posted at 10:03 PM, Mar 25, 2020

NEW ORLEANS — Mickey Loomis says he is in favor of moving the draft, while Sean Payton says he's all in on Taysom Hill. The two Saints executives making headlines Wednesday.

General Manager Mickey Loomis stopped by The Peter King Podcast, and said he favored delaying the draft. saying the logistics were more complex than many understood.

"Look this is not a fantasy draft that you conduct with just a list of names on a piece of paper," he told King. "There is a lot of work that is done during the draft that will be difficult to conduct and do justice to the process."

King and Loomis also discussed the challenges of drafting a player you haven't hardly met. You can hear more of their discussion in the above link.

Sean Payton also made headlines Wednesday naming Taysom Hill the team's backup behind Drew Brees. Payton first said that on WWL radio. Payton followed up his radio interview telling the Athletic "he (Hill) earned that opportunity."

The controversy here, if any, is that Hill is a Swiss Army knife. He's a receiver, running back, quarterback and even plays various roles on special teams forthe Saints. Naming him the second string quarterback would likely limit his availability to play those other positions, roles that make Hill as valuable as he is.

The team will still likely carry a third quarterback, allowing Hill to still be involved in the offense, but if he is truly being viewed as the number two, it's hard to imagine that continuing to the same extent.