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This Hilarious Skit Shows The True Struggle Of Dressing Kids In The Winter

Posted at 8:50 AM, Dec 18, 2019

Ah, winter! ‘Tis the season for children to eagerly head outside and go sledding, build a snowman or make snow angels. And while all of those sounds like sweet memory-making moments, the process of getting kids ready for the cold weather can be, well, a little less than magical.

The writers at “Saturday Night Live” jumped all over the struggles parents have keeping their kids warm in the winter and created a commercial parody that is as funny as it is relatable.

The skit, which aired during the Dec. 14 broadcast of “Saturday Night Live,” starts out looking like a classic Macy’s holiday commercial. We see families all decked out for the holiday season, looking oh-so festive. In typical commercial style, the announcer excitedly tells viewers, “The holidays are here, so head to Macy’s for unbeatable deals on a winter wardrobe for the whole family!”

The usual savings are listed, like men’s blazers and cashmere tops for women, but when it comes to the kids’ clothes, things take a turn. In the same enthusiastic tone, the announcer continues. “And for your little ones, Macy’s has the festive fashion that’ll have them saying…”


You might expect something cute to end that sentence, like, “Wow!” or “Happy holidays!” But this commercial gets real when the adorable kids start shouting things like, “It’s too hot!” and, “It itches!”

Cue the crying baby half-wearing a rumpled sweater.

From there, the ad shows parents chasing around little ones, trying in vain to put on winter coats or force shoes onto their kids’ feet.

“Ow, these shoes hurt,” whines a little girl as she and her mom leave the house.

“Welcome to being a woman, Kylie,” mutters the annoyed mother.

From potty accidents to uncomfortable corduroy pants, this commercial parody covers all the bases when it comes to the battle between winter wear and little ones. Check it out and get ready to laugh out loud.

Can you relate to this video about children’s winter clothing?

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