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Small Business Owner Is Making Custom Mailboxes To Stay Afloat During Coronavirus Uncertainty

Small Business Owner Is Making Custom Mailboxes To Stay Afloat During Coronavirus Uncertainty
Posted at 10:00 AM, Mar 31, 2020

With the apex of the coronavirus pandemic still in our future, many people are finding themselves without jobs and livelihoods. They’re turning to more creative endeavors to pass the time, such as knitting, puzzle-solving, art and cooking. That is, while they’re not homeschooling their children.

Some are even making money off their personal works. One small business owner in Pennsylvania, David Cura, is coping by turning his side gig into his main one. He owns a store that’s part of Kitchen Kettle Village in Lancaster County, right in Amish country. Paw Prints sells dog-breed specific gifts and supplies. Its merchandise is super cute, but it’s not exactly an essential business during these social-distancing times.

However, Cura also creates adorable custom dog-shaped mailboxes as a side project, which he sells in his brick-and-mortar store and online. Recently, Cura received an order that is helping him stay afloat during uncertain times.

“On the side, I make mailboxes that I sell in my store to pet owners,” Cura explained in a Facebook post. “I recently began to sell these on a website that must have caught the attention of a Black & Tan Dachshund club. In two days there were orders for 22 of these mailboxes. The website had to turn off the item so I could catch up.”

We can see why these mailboxes suddenly got so popular so quickly. Look how cute they are! We also love the images showing him working on the mailboxes.

As you can see in the post below, Cura doesn’t just stick to dog breeds. He also does other animals, like pigs and cows you might see on the farm.

The dog mailboxes all cost $100 plus shipping. He says he can do any breed recognized by the American Kennel Club. In the Facebook post, Cura notes that the flat shipping rate at the moment is about $25 through Paw Prints’ eBay store.

Here’s one that’s currently available on eBay for $99.99. What a cute Corgi!


Cura doesn’t just make animals, though. His eBay site also features mailboxes shaped like barns and buildings. This one, also available on eBay, is a barn with a solar-powered lighthouse on top. It costs $150 and comes in 14 color combinations.


More of Cura’s work can be found here.

These days, most people are focusing on buying items they need to protect, entertain and connect. according to CNBC. Given that, we think this would indeed be a great time to buy one of these eye-catching mailboxes. After all, we’re still encouraged to go outside for walks. Also, it’s nice to see creative endeavors helping to support small businesses!

If you’re looking to support other creators, check out other dog-themed mailboxes by sellers on Etsy.

Wouldn’t seeing one of these put a smile on your face?

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